Portal launches TV programme to showcase agents' properties

Published on 2nd March 2017, 2:56am

Portal launches TV programme to showcase agents’ properties


Portal launches TV programme to showcase agents' properties

The World Property Network, a global property portal, has launched a show on Sky Property TV - the first portal in the UK to offer national TV coverage for agents.

The inaugural TWPN TV programme was aired on Sky Property TV channel 238 last week and will air again at different times each day until mid-March.

The 20 minute show explains how the TWPN business model works and then showcases properties available on the portal.

TWPN is offering agents and developers a slot of 14 minutes within the show to profile their business, properties and developments. It says each transmission has a daily audience of over 40,000 viewers.

TWPN and Sky offers agents assistance with scripting, organisation and location filming and production, as well as support from a professional TV presenter.

“With the advent of smart mobile, tablet and On Demand technology we believe TV exposure is ‘a must’ for all forward thinking estate agents and property developers.

We hope to lead the way in making TV accessible and ‘the norm’ for agents to showcase their properties” says Peter Mansfield, group chairman at TWPN.

The TWPN website, which operates in 70 different languages and 32 currencies, currently offers over 350,000 properties for sale from over 900 agents.

Here is the first TWPN TV:

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