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John Barclay Estate & Management provide an extensive lettings management service for landlords and private investment companies. We cover all aspects of lettings management, from the introduction of a tenant, through to on-going maintenance of the property that is rented. Further details of our services are given below.

One of our professional lettings staff will make an appointment to visit the property you require to rent out, full details of the property to determine a rental value is assessed agreed upon by you landlord / private investment company.

Additional term & conditions clauses the landlord / private investment company require to attach is determined simultaneously. The clauses will be strictly adhered too with every potential tenant we introduce. Examples of guidelines are “No smoking in the property” or “No large pets”.


  • Referencing: references from prospective tenants are obtained and processed by a reputable credit reference agency. This will include two or three separate references from the following sources: Professional, Personal and Financial.
  • The Tenancy Agreement: is an Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement prepared by our team with all the additional clauses as per the Landlords request included I.e. No pets/smoking in the property.
  • Utility services: are managed by John Barclay Estate & Management. This includes gas, electricity, council tax and water services. Utility companies and the Council tax office are informed of the new tenant’s details including for meter readings etc forwarded to them instructing of new occupancy.
  • Rent collection: is arranged by John Barclay as per the date set in the Tenancy Agreement.
    This is usually by standing order and is paid directly into our ‘Clients Account’. Once cleared and processed the Landlord is paid into his account by bank transfer.
  • Deposit: The regulations relating to deposits for Shorthold tenancies were altered on 6 April 2007. From this date, all landlords and letting agents taking deposits for Assured Shorthold tenancies in England and Wales, need to safeguard them with a Government-authorised tenant deposit protection scheme. If you require additional information, this can be found on the following website:

Following this change is legislation all our deposits are now registered with DPS.

  • Maintenance: John Barclay has fully qualified Electricians, Plumbers, as well as professional contractors who are experienced in refurbishments and extensions as well as ad-hoc day to day maintenance. Our team of contractors are usually available on short notice and on emergencies to ensure your property is always a priority and looked after by the John Barclay team.

During the tenancy period if any issues arise we notify the Landlord by email with the diagnostics, best solution and cost of the resolving the problems before going ahead with repairs unless it's an emergency for example; water leak, gas or electronic issues, roof collapse, secure doors in case of robbery and all extremely serious situations.

  • Inventory Service: a full inventory report will be arranged at the start of the Tenancy Agreement. This includes photo filled booklet with descriptions of the property and furnishings. The Landlord will then be supplied with a copy after the new tenants have signed the document and a copy kept on file.
  • Mid- term Inspections: We also endeavour to arrange mid-term inspection with the tenants half way through the tenancy agreement. Formerly the inspection is completed a report is produced highlighting any issues plus a general update about your property.
  • Check Out: at the end of the tenancy agreement a check-out is with full inspection of the property is arranged with the tenant. This includes a check-out inventory with any discrepancies noted. Photos of the utility meters are taken to be added to our online system. The flat inspection ensures property is cleaned to an acceptable standard.

Once all the checks are completed and the Landlord is happy the deposit is released directly to the tenant- again to minimum inconvenience to the landlord.

Let & Collect: excludes Mid-term inspections, Maintenance & Check out.

Let Only: includes Utility Services excluding Rent Collection, Inventory and Check out.

We provide a basic safety standard to landlords with regards to gas, electrics certification carried out by corgi registered companies.

Further periodic inspections can be arranged by John Barclay Estate & Management, to ensure your property is being maintained as requested by you.

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