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If you are looking for your First rental property or just a new home with a change of scenery, John Barclay can assist. From the viewing process, the reference checks, inventory and the check-in process we will endeavour to make the move smooth and stress free as possible.

We have a set protocol and check list service to make sure that every tenant moves in to a property that has been vetted and checked by our maintenance team to ensure that there are no issues, before you the Tenant move into your new home.

Our appointment times are flexible and viewings can be scheduled on Saturdays and late evenings during the week.

After the initial viewing process, the property can be taken off the market by simply putting a ‘Holding Deposit’ on the property. This means the property will be temporarily taken off the market pending reference checks.

Once the reference checks are completed, commencement of the tenancy date can be set.

All contracts are legally binding Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements to be signed and witnessed in our office at a time that is convenient for you. Once the contracts have been signed you are now ready to move into your new home. (Subject to all outstanding monies being paid).

Keys are provided and the inventory team will meet you at the property to make sure that your Check- in is effortless.

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